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MJ’s Quick Computer Repairs has been providing data recovery services for over 20 years and we specialize in Raid and hard drive data restoration. Operating in Pasadena, CA, we strive to keep our services as simple as possible, by giving expert service and providing the fastest turnaround time available in the industry. At our company we operate in dust-free cleanroom environment. This is necessary when a hard drive needs to be opened for repairs. Normally 20% of all failed drives require open drive repair and 70% of failed drives are typically electrical errors, that can be repaired with our technologies.

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Always reliable and dependable servicesOur specialists can expertly, economically and efficiently recover lost or corrupted data from almost any suspect, damaged, failed or failing fixed or removable magnetic media. Submit your damaged RAID disks, failing hard drives or faulty media to us, and there is a 90% probability that we will recover all or most of your critical information. Many of the world’s largest business enterprises, plus governments and other large-scale operations, rely on our data recovery service to repair damaged disc sectors, retrieve lost records, rebuild virus-corrupted files and restore their mission-critical database resources. So should you.

Our experts will work fast and professionally to ensure a timely turnaround on all of your data recovery and PC repair needs. Whether you are an individual with family photos, a student that has lost a term paper, or a major corporation with multiple hard drive failures in a RAID array, we can help. We’re offering a full range of data recovery services to fit all your needs.

From laptops and camera cards to hard drive on your home computer to servers and RAID arrays, we can recover data from any failed media device. No matter what has happened to your hard drive, the data recovery engineers at MJ’s Quick Computer Repairs have probably seen it before. From virus corruption, floods, hurricanes, power surges and lightning strikes, we can recover data you thought that was lost.

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The professional, friendly staff at MJ’s Quick Computer Repairs is here to help through every step of what is normally a stressful situation. We understand how devastating the thought of losing irreplaceable personal or business-critical data can be. Each client’s situation is unique, and our expert data recovery and networking specialists will do everything in their power to cater to your data recovery needs. We understand that you have a choices when selecting a data recovery company, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed with the level of service we give each of our clients. Thank you for trusting us with your priceless data.