Computer Networking

You count on technology to run your business and you can count on MJ’s Quick Computer Repairs to help you use technology to run your business even better. Our unique and proven methodology and our approach to computer networking will yield results for your business.

For well-functioning computer networking, you need to start with the right foundation. MJ’s Quick Computer Repairs can help. We utilize a unique approach to local and wide-area networks (LANs and WANs) to get your system up and running efficiently and quickly. From the basic infrastructure to workstations and more, our team of expert IT professionals will work to make sure that your network is built and integrated properly to best meet your business needs.

Before we start with the computer networking and building your IT network infrastructure, we ensure that the physical wiring is sound — and can even install new cables as needed. From cabling to access points and switches to routers, we use only the highest-quality products to build your network infrastructure.

With our team of skilled and experienced computer network and security consultants, we offer a variety of services in order to quickly identify clients needs and provide computer solutions that include desktop, server technology, computer networking and connectivity from Local Area Network (LAN) to Wide Area Network (WAN) computer infrastructure.

Local and Wide Area Networks are two possible ways to configure your computer network. We evaluate existing procedures and methodologies, as well as existing management system capabilities based on your needs. With this assessment, we can build justifications for necessary improvements, prioritize the computer networking issues and evaluate the network’s capability of handling future growth.